Shell 4.4
Date posted 4 October 2011
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Shell 4.4 is the fourth chapter of Shell. In it, Brian shares his trigger event, and Bitch is missing.


As Fugly Bob's becomes more crowded, the Undersiders decide to leave and walk back to the loft through the mostly-empty Market.

Along the way, Brian explains that he got his powers from beating up his mother's boyfriend when his sister had texted him to help her, realizing that he had a trigger event while cleaning up after the fight. He reveals that he became a supervillain for the money he needs to apply to be his sister's guardian.

The Undersiders return to the loft only to discover that Rachel is missing, along with some of her dogs. Taylor finds out that Brian gave her a gift and hugs him in gratitude. As the team prepares to head out, they discover that Rachel's phone is out of service, meaning something has gone wrong.


  • Wildbow has stated that Brian lied about his trigger event in this chapter.[1]


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