Shell 4.5
Date posted 8 October 2011
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Shell 4.5 is the fifth chapter of Shell. In it, the Undersiders discover that their money is missing, and Über and Leet ambush them.


As the sun sets, the Undersiders travel to the Trainyard and change into their costumes, finding the storage locker that should have held their money empty.

Regent suggests that Bitch took the money and ran, but Tattletale disagrees, saying that the door was picked, probably by a villain. Uber and Leet, dressed in blue-and-pink costumes, validate her theory. Skitter surrounds their camera with insects, and Regent makes Uber fall over.

After Leet reveals that Bitch inadvertently led them to the money, Grue lays out a plan for the team to save their reputation: attack, while leaving Leet in a state to be interrogated. Taylor excitedly prepares for battle.


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Über and LeetEdit

  • Über (First appearance)
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