Shell 4.6
Date posted October 11, 2011
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Shell 4.6 is the sixth chapter of Shell. In it, the Undersiders take down Uber and Leet, only to find that Bakuda of the ABB is their "guest star."


Taylor gathers cockroaches, moths, spiders, and wasps in preparation as Uber charges her team. Leet throws a strange-looking bomb, but Regent makes it explode near Uber. Tattletale starts to taunt Uber and Leet and tells Taylor that the bombs are solid holograms.

Tattletale, Taylor, and Regent manage to gain the upper hand against Leet by hitting him with several of his own bombs, and Taylor chokes him with her baton until he passes out. The other Undersiders bring her an unconscious Uber and they begin to make plans for finding Bitch, but Bakuda appears and cues a crowd of ABB members to attack them.


The Undersiders Edit

Azn Bad Boys Edit

  • Bakuda
  • Various unpowered thugs

Uber and Leet Edit


  • The costumes Uber and Leet are wearing are revealed to be based on the video game franchise Bomberman.

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