Shell 4.7
Date posted 15 October 2011
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Shell 4.7 is the eighth chapter of Shell. In it, the Undersiders retreat, accompanied by lots of explosions, and Bakuda and her forced recruits checkmate them.


Grue covers the Undersiders in darkness to mask their climb onto a row of storage lockers, but a booby-trapped hologram of an ABB member explodes and reveals their location. Bakuda approaches them and sets off a bomb that pulls everything towards it and then a bomb that gradually slows down everything in its blast zone.

The Undersiders manage to escape the bombs, but after climbing over two rows of lockers, they see a group of armed ABB members that Tattletale tells them were coerced into joining. The team climbs over another row of lockers that Grue shrouds in darkness. Grue tells them his plan for them to go back over the wall, but an explosion destroys a storage locker in front of them and Bakuda approaches in a thug-driven Jeep.

The Undersiders run and Grue covers them in darkness again, as Bakuda blasts his darkness with bombs. They loop around to where the first bomb exploded, hoping to escape, but another group of coerced ABB members corners them, and Bakuda readies her bombs.


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