Shell 4.8
Date posted October 18, 2011
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Shell 4.8 is the ninth chapter of Shell. In it, Bakuda gives a maniacal speech about fear and explodes some of her own people, letting the Undersiders escape.


Tattletale explains that Bakuda was just toying with them when they thought they were escaping, and Bakuda orders her soldiers to shoot at all the Undersiders if Tattletale speaks again.

Bakuda starts to monologue about fear and demonstrates by asking Park Jihoo to shoot one of the Undersiders and liquefying him when he refuses. Regent asks Bakuda to explain how she planted the bombs in her underlings' heads, but she realizes he's baiting her when he asks to approach Park Jihoo's body.

Another of the ABB members says yes when Bakuda asks whether she would shoot an Undersider. Bakuda concludes her "demonstration" by exploding a bomb in her own group, causing mass chaos. Seizing their chance, the Undersiders flee as Grue covers their retreat.


The Undersiders Edit

Azn Bad Boys Edit

  • Bakuda
    • Park Jihoo (conscripted) (killed)

References Edit

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