Shuffle is a high-ranking member of the Chicago Protectorate and Revel's lieutenant.


Shuffle was considered competent enough for Revel to defer some leadership duties to him when she was injured.[1]

Annex liked working with him given how their powers interacted.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Shuffle can teleport sections of landscape, such as hills or Grue's darkness. His power is unpredictable, sometimes teleporting things out as well as in, but he seems used to it, using multiple teleports to shore up gaps.[3]

His limited accuracy and control is possibly a result of his passenger punishing him for not using it enough, as the power would be hard to use in normal combat. Another possible interpretation is that his power pulls landscapes from other dimensions, swapping them with his.



Shuffle had a Mover/Shaker trigger and joined the Chicago Protectorate at some point in time.


Shuffle and Campanile interfered with one of Topsy's deals, angering the supervillain.[1]


While dealing with a hostage situation, Weaver thought Shuffle was versatile enough to get around the obstacles her team encountered.[4]

Shuffle is physically seen only once during this time period, when Nilbog's creatures are attempting to escape Ellisburg. He is seen blocking up the hole that was created in the Ellisburg wall by teleporting a hill against it.[5]

Golden MorningEdit

Shuffle fought on the oil rig against Scion, along with his remaining teammates.[6]



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