Sierra Kiley is a college-aged girl with red hair set into dreadlocks.


Deeply concerned about the welfare of others. including her brother. She seemingly has a strong moral sense happy to help in the reconstruction of the boardwalk but nothing that could be considered to be aiding a villain like Skitter.


Wears her red hair in a deadlock style that is hard to pull off.




While the rest of her family was in the hospital due to toxic mold exposure, Merchants attacked the church she was staying at with her younger brother and took him with them. After Skitter's speech declaring the Boardwalk her territory, Battery left before she could ask for her help. Skitter agreed to bring her brother back.

She starts working for Skitter in exchange for Tattletale taking care of Bryce and working on rehabilitating him. Her first job had her going out with Charlotte and checking on the people in Skitter's territory.[1]

Letting the new 'warlord' know about a rat infestation.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Eventually left Skitter's employ because of


Sierra was given control of most of the properties in Brockon Bay on behalf of the Undersiders as part of leverage by Skitter.[2]


Became the face of the underside is legitimate operations

Golden MorningEdit

A red haired figure was seen leading survivors through the rubble of Brockton Bay.

Sierra was part of the meeting of the undersiders a few months after the fall of Zion.

References Edit

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