Silk Road is a female parahuman of undetermined affiliation.


Silkroad is a Chinese woman in an elaborate Sari-style dress.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Silkroad appears to have some sort of travel power. She can create paths of light that boosts speed and lessens air resistance.[2]

It is unknown if this power can be used on a smaller scale for individuals and even projectiles.



Worked in concert with Dragon to provide transport to New Delhi for Protectorate and allied forces.

Gold MorningEdit

She was still alive at the start of the event and helped close the transportation gap, along with Vista, created by the incapacitation of Doormaker.[1]


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    “Yes,” Knave said. He looked at me. “We have no portals but the ones that were left open. We cannot communicate by opening a door and talking to the other person. Vista, Silk Road and I are attempting to patch together an answer.” - Exerpt from Venom 29.1
  2. The ship altered course, Chevalier felt his heart drop. Silkroad’s power wasn’t giving them any forward momentum anymore. They were close. Landing in a minute. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x