"Super zombie dogs, really, with a juicy, living center" -Tattletale[1] 

Bitch's dog, a black Labrador. Sirius has accompanied her on various activities, both in his natural form and under the influence of her power. 

Characteristics Edit

Bitch's dog, black Labrador.[2] Initially unused to others, became less so with socialization. Faster and less brawny than Bentley[3] Shrinking stalled by Amy Dallon using her power, this came up again when the Undersiders faced an s-class threat.[4]

History Edit

Background Edit

"This is Sirius.  He was bought as a puppy for some twelve year old, then grew too big and unruly to stay in the house.  He was caged outside and ignored, his nails grew too long, and he wound up with an infection in his foot.  They decided it was easier to leave him at a shelter than pay for medical care.  Since he wasn’t trained or socialized, he came off too wild and excitable to get adopted.  I got him in the week he was due to get put down." -Rachel found him through volunteer contacts at shelter.[5] 


Had heartworm, identified by Taylor,[5] due to lack of medicine at the dog shelter. Cured with use of Bitch's power. Accompanied Bitch on various activities. Injured in the attack by Mannequin that killed Lucy, but recovered to be ridden by Taylor in the ensuing chase. Has a harness for carrying supplies.[6] Also helped fight several members of The Nine, and two of the suits Dragon sent to Brockton Bay.[7]


Like Bently he was nowhere to be found when Bitch went to celebrate weaver's birthday with the undersiders in Brockton Bay.

Trivia Edit

  • Possibly a reference to the Harry Potter series, which popularized the name.
  • Fans have complained that the character was woefully undertagged throughout the site.[citation needed]