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Skidmark is the leader of the Archer's Bridge Merchants.


Short sighted yet intelligent, hedonistic but willful. Rather foul mouthed.

He has some leadership ability and natural showmanship.


Adam wears a mask that covers the top half of his face, and later added a cape to his costume. The lower half of his face is dark skinned, with badly chapped lips and teeth that look like "shelled pistachio nuts". His health was visibly affected by his methamphetamine addiction.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Adam has the ability create force fields that push things with about as much force as a strong wind.[4] His power caused the effected area to glow with a blue to violet color effect.[5]

He can apply this effect on any surface, up to a large but finite limit.[3] He could even coat his equipment and living things with the glow, causing anything that touched them to be pushed away.[6][7] He could not move an effect after it has been applied,[8] but could dismiss it at will in a flash of light.[9]

Skidmark has shown that the effects can be layered up through multiple uses of his power increasing the severity of the effect.[5][4] With enough applications of his power layered on a surface he could theoretically deflect bullets.[8]


Background Edit

Given his choice of name and choice of swearwords Adam may have been british.[10]

Story Start Edit

Following Bakuda's bombing spree, Skidmark went to Somer's Rock to discuss how they would deal with the Azn Bad Boys. He was denied a seat at the table with the other leaders and then stormed off to a booth with his teammates after failing to convince them that he deserved one.

He did not fight when the endbringer came to Brockton Bay


Skidmark gained a lot of power with the devastation to Brockton Bay.[1] At some point, his group discovered a case containing vials and documentation claiming that they granted superpowers.

Gladiator Games Edit

He held what as essentially a gladiatorial match among members of the merchants. Explicitly for some to win 'powers from a can' as a prize, implicitly as a means to cause triggers among the participants.[5] [11] Faultline and her Crew attacked and absconded with the most of the contents of the case, severely damaging his reputation.[12]

Post Game Show Edit

Skidmark later traveled to the island in the middle of the lake Leviathan had created on one of Squealer's vehicles. There, Hookwolf asked him if he knew what keeping a low profile meant. Skidmark told him that he did and then told Hookwolf that Squealer had created a box that that canceled out light and noise at a certain distance. Spotting Faultline, he then asked her why she had messed with his party. He asked her who had hired them, telling her that the Merchants wouldn't come after her group, and said that they would be even if she paid him back for the product they stole. Faultline refused and then went on to ask Hookwolf why Skidmark had been invited.

Skidmark listened as Hookwolf explained what the Undersiders and the Travelers had been doing. When Trickster told them that they didn't want to take over their territories, Skidmark swore under his breathe. His team was able to take part in the strategy negotiations with the local Protectorate team.

Burnout Edit

Later, Skidmark addressed his underlings from an aircraft Squealer had made. He told them that a green armband meant poison before telling them that he was going to make it the worst of the bad trips. He then explained how they would take a handful of pills and then fall into a coffin where something bad would happen to them. He then told them that those who survived getting buried alive would earn the green armband and that, for those with the armband, everything that they bought from him would be ten percent off.[13]

Skidmark stopped and then dropped his microphone. His hands went to his stomach where Jack Slash had hit him before he turned to run. He was cut on his arms, his butt, his back, and the back of his neck. He stumbled and fell whereupon he tried to crawl away only for his reaching fingers to be cut off. The aircraft lurched and Skidmark slid backwards. He used his power to right himself, but ended up dropping into the propeller blades.[13]


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