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The Slaughterhouse Nine, often simply called the Nine, were a rotating group of nine supervillains who roamed North-America. The group was founded by King, but was quickly taken over by Jack Slash, who killed King with the aid of Harbringer in 1987.[1]

History Edit

Pre-canon Edit

The Slaughterhouse Nine was originally founded by King. In 1987, Jack Slash and Harbinger managed to kill King, allowing Jack Slash to take command of the group. Following King’s death, Harbinger retired from the Nine.

At some point in the late 1990s, the Nine came to Brockton Bay and interrupted a meeting between Empire Eighty-Eight, Marquis, and the Teeth. Jack provoked a bidding war for the Nine’s services, which the Teeth won. The Nine carried out the Teeth’s request to attack the Protectorate, then turned on the Teeth and drove them out of Brockton Bay.[2]

Brockton Bay Edit

The Slaughterhouse Nine arrived in Brockton Bay for a second time in early June of 2011.[3] They initially split up in order to recruit each of their chosen individuals as candidates for membership, scouting out these candidates for several days and speaking to them on June 7th and 8th.[4] Their arrival prompted the heroes and villains of Brockton Bay to meet in order to discuss how to combat the Nine.

During this time, Cauldron also sent Battery a note warning telling her to let Siberian and Shatterbird escape the city alive.[5]

After the Undersiders were forced to leave the meeting, the Slaughterhouse Nine confronted them in a parking garage. Jack Slash told them that each candidate would be tested by every member of the Nine in turn, ending in Jack Slash; failure of a test would lead to death or worse.[6] During this confrontation, Tattletale revealed that Cherish was plotting to take control of the Slaughterhouse Nine, something Jack Slash and Bonesaw had already countered. Jack Slash injured Tattletale for revealing this information. After this, Tattletale proposed a game to Jack Slash: if more than half of the candidates survived the tests, the Nine would only take the voluntary recruits with them and leave the remaining survivors.

Shatterbird sang thirty minutes after this confrontation. Following this in quick succession, Mannequin attacked Skitter’s territory and was driven off by her, and the Slaughterhouse Nine killed all the Merchants except for Scrub, who could harm Crawler.[7]

Jack delivered the finalized rules of the game the next morning, giving each member of the Nine a time limit to administer their tests and prohibiting individuals who were not Brockton Bay residents from interfering. The Nine’s rules stated that they would win if they managed to kill five of the six candidates.

In between the game’s beginning and the first attack, Imp infiltrated the Slaughterhouse Nine and failed to kill Bonesaw. She instead struck a deal with Cherish.

Mannequin was the first to take part, attacking Skitter once more. He was driven off by the Undersiders and saved by Burnscar, forfeiting his turn. The Nine were then ambushed by the Travelers and the Undersiders, who captured Shatterbird and Cherish. In the same confrontation, Grue was captured by the Nine and and later tortured by Bonesaw. The Nine captured Skitter, Tattletale, Imp, Trickster, Sundancer, and Ballistic when they attempted to rescue Grue. Bonesaw began to torture them, but was blindsided by Parian. Grue underwent a second trigger, killing Burnscar and freeing his allies.

The Nine and the collective Parahumans of Brockton Bay continued to clash, ultimately resulting in Bonesaw releasing a plague causing agnosia so that none of the defending parahumans could recognize each other. Panacea cured the plague, but the Nine managed to escape, recruiting Hookwolf and leaving behind a modified Cherish on the bottom of the Bay as punishment.

After Brockton Bay Edit

Following their escape from Brockton Bay, the Slaughterhouse Nine visited several towns, including Stafford and Enfield in Connecticut, in order to recruit new capes to bolster their ranks. Bonesaw kidnapped Blasto from his new base in Boston, although the Siberian was killed in a skirmish with Dragon and Defiant. The Nine proceeded to invade the Toybox in order to use their technology. They set up a pocket dimension in a small town and Bonesaw placed the rest of the Nine in stasis while she began to clone their members, both past and present.

Contessa intercepted Bonesaw when she left the pocket dimension to get groceries and told Bonesaw to implant a control switch into the clones and give the switch to her at a later date. Bonesaw denied that she would do it, but over the course of the next year and a half, she came to change her mind.[8] She turned the switch over to Cauldron in June of 2013 following an interrogation by Tattletale.[9]

Slaughterhouse 9000 Edit

The Slaughterhouse Nine, bolstered by their clones, began their killing spree in the small town of Kiillington, setting traps and bodies in a spiral outwards from a message in town hall. One Nice Guy was left behind to ambush the investigation team, which was made up of the Red Hand, the Undersiders, Weaver, and Golem. The Nice Guy was killed by Imp. Jack Slash also left a message for Golem, telling him that he didn’t meet his deadline. In spite of this, Jack Slash gave Golem another chance to kill him, without help. The deadline for this was set for five days away on the 24th at noon. Following this, multiple teams of Parahumans worked together in order to chase down the remaining clones and kill them.[10]

Jack slash then went to Ellisburg in order to recruit Nilbog and his minions. Weaver and Golem attempted to convince Nilbog not to join, but Nilbog attacked, resulting in Weaver killing him. His monsters, in revolt, join with Jack, who escapes with Nilbog’s body.[11]

The Slaughterhouse Nine were then pursued into their pocket dimension. The Nine having taken Aster, Weaver killed her along with a Cherish and a Screamer in case Aster’s power was what sparked the end of the world. The rest of the Nine escaped the pocket dimension.[12]

Golem and Weaver’s group pursued them to Los Angeles, which had been warped by Bohu. They confronted Jack, Gray Boy, the remaining Siberian, and other various members of the Slaughterhouse Nine Thousand.[13]

After observing how Jack seemed to be aware of everything around him, Golem ordered a PRT trooper to attack Jack, successfully distracting him for a few seconds. Sensing weakness, Grey Boy looped Jack before being killed by Foil. Jack was buried in containment foam.[14]

Despite being trapped, Jack was able to talk to Scion about his views on predation and cruelty. Scion broke Gray Boy’s loop and then went on to destroy the United Kingdom, beginning Golden Morning.[15]

Members Edit

Name Power Notes
King Able to pass any injury onto other people he touched in the last 24 hours. Leader of the Nine until killed by Jack Slash.
Screamer Able to control sound at long range.
Harbinger Thinker power allowing for superfast processing of math. Serves as combat precognition. Retired and joined Cauldron.
Breed Spawns large insects which devour humans in order to grow more powerful, eventually gaining acid spit. Died from someone shooting an incendiary missile at the building he was in.
Crimson Gains super strength by consuming the blood of his victims.
Gray Boy Can trap areas in permanent monochrome time loops. Killed by Glaistig Uaine. Similar to Labyrinth in mental influence from shard. Cauldron cape.
Nyx Releases a poisonous gas that can be shaped into solid forms. Twin sister of Nix. Case 53.
Psychosoma Warps people temporarily into monsters under his control.
Jack Slash Able to project blades. Subconscious Thinker power about understanding capes.

Name Power Notes
Jack Slash Able to project blades. Subconscious Thinker power about understanding capes. Leader of the Nine, sole permanent member.
Crimson Gains super strength by consuming the blood of his victims. Lover of Winter. Replaced by Bonesaw.[16]
Mannequin Tinker specializing in closed systems, typically augmentations for a multi-piece suit containing his own body. Simurgh bomb.
Shatterbird Wide scale silicate control. Cauldron cape.
Winter Creates a dampening effect that decreases momentum, inertia, and human will. Lover of Crimson. Killed by one of her teammates.[17]
Chuckles Super strength in his torso and arms, super speed in his legs and head.
Crawler Adaptive regeneration.
Siberian Invulnerable, able to pass on invulnerability to touched object. Projection of William Manton, Cauldron cape.
Hatchet Face Brute with an aura of power-nullification. Killed and replaced by Cherish.[18]

Name Power Nominee Notes
Jack Slash Able to project blades. Subconscious Thinker power about understanding capes. Oni Lee, who was killed and made part of Hack Job. Leader of the Nine, sole permanent member.
Bonesaw Surgical Tinker. Panacea.
Siberian Invulnerable, able to pass on invulnerability to touched object. Bitch. Gave Bitch the wolf Bastard. Projection of William Manton, Cauldron cape.
Mannequin Tinker specializing in closed systems, typically augmentations for a multi-piece suit containing his own body. Armsmaster Simurgh bomb.
Crawler Adaptive regeneration. Noelle
Shatterbird Wide scale silicate control. Hookwolf Cauldron cape.
Cherish Long range emotion detection and short range emotion control. Regent Regent’s sister.
Burnscar Pyrokinetic, teleportation through fire. Labyrinth, only to visit, not to nominate. Recruited by Shatterbird.[19]
Murder Rat Teleportation, enhanced reflexes, worsens inflicted wounds. Bonesaw creation from Mouse Protector and Ravager.
Hack Job Close range power nullification, teleportation that leaves behind clones, Brute. Bonesaw creation from Oni Lee and Hatchet Face.
Pagoda Rapid regeneration. Bonesaw creation from Carnal and Prophet.

Name Power Notes
Jack Slash Able to project blades. Subconscious Thinker power about understanding capes. Leader of the Nine, sole permanent member.
Bonesaw Surgical Tinker.
Siberian Invulnerable, able to pass on invulnerability to touched object. Projection of William Manton, Cauldron cape. Killed by Dragon.
Hookwolf Can transform into mass of blades and metal objects, form roughly customizable.
Damsel of Distress Creates zones of matter destruction, as well as recoil for a Mover rating. Killed by Defiant.
Skinslip Able to control skin attached to him.
Night Hag Breaker that infects and controls the landscape.

Name Power
Miasma Turns into an invisible, odorless gas which has deleterious effects.
Nice Guy Is always perceived by someone as harmless when seen in person.

Name Combination of
Laughjob Hatchet Face and Chuckles (presumably).
Nighty Night Nyx and Night Hag.[20]
Snowmann Mannequin and Winter.[21]
Spawner Breed and Crawler.[22]
Tyrant King and Hatchet Face.[23]

About Serial Killers And Parahumans

A serial killer is typically defined as an individual who has killed three or more people over a period of more than a month, with down time (a "cooling off period") between the murders, and whose motivation for killing is usually based on psychological gratification. The motives of serial killers are generally placed into four categories: visionary (believing they are another person or are compelled to murder by entities such as the Devil or God), mission-oriented (justifying their acts as "ridding the world" of a certain type of person perceived as undesirable), hedonistic (they feel pleasure from killing.This pleasure can come from lust, thrill and/or profit) and power or control (to gain and exert power over their victim).

The majority of reported and investigated serial killers in the USA are white males, from a lower-to-middle-class background, usually in their late twenties to early thirties. But according to the FBI, and based on percentages of the U.S. population, whites are not more likely than other races to be serial killers.

The reason behind someone becoming a serial killer (nature or nurture) is still open to debate. But empirical research shows that most of them share some characteristic like having been bullied as children or abused (emotionally, physically and/or sexually) by a family member. These two episodes in particular can lead to a trigger event which explains why there are so many parahuman serial killers.


  • The Slaughterhouse Nine were the focus of Worm's one year anniversary bonus, a series of eight interludes released over the course of a week. Each update, for the most part, centered around the 'Nine' and their meetings with various candidates in Brockton Bay.
  • Jack Slash and Harbinger were no older than 12 when they killed King.[24]

Fanart Gallery Edit

References Edit

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