Sleeper is an S-Class threat. He is contained in the Mordovia Bubble in Russia.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Little is known about Sleeper's abilities, but he possesses a global reputation for having a great and terrible power.[1] He is compared to The Endbringers, the Slaughterhouse Nine, and Nilbog[2] and to Ash Beast and the Three Blasphemies, and he is described by the Number Man as a living example of the fact that the increasing number of parahumans would inevitably lead to cataclysmic events.[3]

In addition, Khepri declined to capture him while collecting parahumans during the battle against Zion, believing him to be "more trouble than he was worth".[4]



Sleeper has been known to move around though usually in Russia.[5] He eventually settled in Mordovia.[6]


Dragon and by extension Saint constantly monitored Sleeper's activity, including even the slightest shifts, despite his apparent dormancy.[1]

Gold Morning Edit

The Mordovia Bubble was hit at the beginning of Scion's rampage, rousing Sleeper.[6] He then traveled to Earth Zayin by portal and "subsumed" it.[7]

Using the Clairvoyant, Khepri found Sleeper sitting on a lawn chair on a balcony in Earth Zayin, reading a book out loud to himself. Deeming him too troublesome to collect, she let him be.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • Wildbow has stated that Sleeper was included in Worm as a result of a fan's comment that not every character should be fully explained.[8]
  • In the parahumans list[1], under Sleeper's power, Wildbow had a message with a caesar shift of 21, saying "As if I'd really put something here. For real."


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