Ryan Murray is a member of the Anchorage Protectorate.


Snaptrap has a brusque personality, and tends to disobey orders unless he respects the person involved. He's an extremely capable combatant.

He has a small but loyal following, and was unwilling to leave the PRT when he was told he would be unable to continue using his PRT-owned codename.


Ryan is described as a short, rather muscular male, typically unshaven but without full beard growth.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ryan can create gravity spheres that drag all things touching them into the sphere's center. He can also weaponize these spheres by giving them a shredding or cutting exterior or using the interior to crush things. The pull and a timed dismissal of the sphere can ‘toss’ persons and objects.



Ryan began as a Ward named Trapper, and developed some bad habits there.

As a Protectorate member, he was passed around from department to department, constantly coming into conflict with authority.

He was offered a television deal, becoming a corporate-sponsered hero and reality TV star, in 2010. He rejected the offer when the PRT warned him that he couldn't continue using the name "Snaptrap" outside their employ.


Snaptrap was transferred to Anchorage before Director Seneca arrived. He participated in several battles against villains there, and even helped Seneca interrogate a supervillain at one point, developing a certain grudging respect for the Director.