Snare 13.7
Date posted August 18, 2012
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Snare 13.7 is the eighth chapter of Snare. Cherish reveals that she struck a deal with Imp, Skitter tries to get assistance from the Protectorate, and learns Armsmaster is gone.


The combined Undersiders and Travelers group arrive at Coils base and begin of loading their new prisoners. After being having her bomb disabled by Tattletale, Cherish reveals under interrogation that she had struck a deal with Imp. Who has still not returned.

Needing help before trying to rescue Grue Skitter and Trickster head to the Protectorate ENE Headquarters.

Using a combination of a digital video camera and her own swarm clone, Skitter is able to talk with the visiting heroes without putting herself in danger of capture. They talk and Taylor learns how her actions have been shaping the heroes and the public view of her.

Ultimately Skitter fails to get the Protectorate to help them in attacking the Nine and to trade some of the Nine Hostages in exchange for the same help .

It is revealed that Armsmaster has escaped his confinement.

Trickster tells Skitter that he has come up with a plan. The chapter cuts out before it is shared. Typical.


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