Snubnose is a member of the Seattle Protectorate.[1]




Snubnose is married to Nutcracker, previously of the PRT Watchdog group. Contrary to all expectations, she remained with the PRT while Nutcracker left the group, after the Class-S incident in Brockton Bay. He remains active in Seattle.


Snubnose is a stocky Chinese-American woman. She wears an 800 lb. suit as wide as she is tall.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Snubnose generates bursts of sparks from her skin, emanating out in a cone. These sparks, on contact with a surface, imbue it with an antigravity effect, and ricochet off surfaces already imbued with the effect, forcefully enough to push objects. The range, however, is rather short, at about eight feet.[2]

Fully armored, Snubnose uses her power to fill her armor, a 800 lb. suit with no mechanical parts. The effect cushions her, while making the suit surprisingly light. Vents in the gauntlets allow her to deliver focused blasts at a range of about ten feet.

Individuals struck by the power may be flung by the combination of antigravity and forceful ricochet. In confined quarters, the sparks may fill the area, disrupting foes or teammates.


Background Edit

Joined the Protectorate and married her husband, Nutcracker. Stayed with the Protectorate even after he was moved to Watchdog.


Stayed with the Protectorate despite revelations regarding Cauldron and deviants.[2]

References Edit

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    Classification: Blaster 3 (Brute 5)
    Short range bursts of sparks, applying a forceful pushing effect. Power is used in perpetuity in costume, to keep a heavy armored suit mobile.

    Disposition: Protectorate
    Location: DEPT 22 (Seattle)
    Age: 30 Status: Full time, married (non-PRT cape)
    Height: 5’5” Weight: 140 lbs.
    Class S Option: YES
    Appearance: Chinese-American woman, stocky. - Department Sixty Four, PRT Quest thread ii p47
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