Speck 30.4
Date posted October 22, 2013
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Speck 30.4 is the fourth chapter of Speck. Dragon rises to confront Khepri, and they fight, drones against swarm. Dragon fakes her death and temporarily breaks Khepri's resolve, but the godling comes through. She gathers more capes, from the Birdcage, Earth Shin, and others. She fights the Faerie Queen, and wins..


In her apothesis into Khepri Taylor finds she has lost her ability to understand language.

Thinking that she had killed her friend, and her substitute mother figure Taylors resolve breaks and she vomits where she stands.

The young goddess subsumes the remains of the triumvirate, subsumed entire worlds of alternate Capes to add to her swarm, spy's on Sleeper and leaves him be, unable to spare the time and effort to recruit him.


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  • On November 2017, this chapter was edited slightly to remove the original endling line, which Wildbow said he "never liked". No other changes were made.[1]

References Edit

  1. Ah, I removed a line I never liked. - Wildbow on Reddit about removing the line "I turned my attention to Scion."

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