Speck 30.6
Date posted October 26, 2013
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Speck 30.6 is the sixth chapter of Speck. Khepri despairs after losing control, as all are gathered for the end. Then the goddess sees the light, and hope. She gathers a few, taunts Zion with Eden, and finishes the aberration.


Zion is ended with a combination of Oliver finally breaking his will, Foil's sting shattering his physical defenses, and Defiant using a dimensional ram to annihilate his body.

With the threat over the Goddess becomes the monster.


Khepri Edit

The Undersiders Edit

Faultline’s Crew Edit

Front lines Edit

Endbringers Edit

Him Edit

Major EventsEdit

  • Scion kills Leviathan, and possibly all the remaining endbringers except The Simurgh.
  • Scion is killed.

References Edit

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