Speck 30.7
Date posted October 29, 2013
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Teneral e.1
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Speck 30.7 is the seventh chapter of Speck, and the last chapter of Worm. The world doesn't make sense. The strangers stare, then shout. A stranger approaches, then another appears, the fighting has no blood, she flees, they chase, there is a door, she walks through. Contessa has a chat with a girl.


2 bullets by lonsheep-dbvody2 PRAISE THE SHEEP

Drawn by lonsheep on deviantart

Burnt out from her experience fighting and killing Zion, the Khepri entity fights with her passenger and tries to decide what to do. Surrounded by people who want to kill her she gathers more of her swarm around her.

She is eventually convinced to let people go.

Eventually she is convinced to go through the portal.

Maybe a week later Khepri wakes up. But Contessa is able to talk to taylor. She is understanding forgiving, and then shoots her in the head, repeatedly.


Major EventsEdit

  • Contessa shoots Khepri twice in the head; once from behind where Khepri's mask offered no coverage and the second before she could fall.