Spruce is a supervillian and a resident of the Bridcage.


He is described as being dressed immaculately, more neat than even The Number Man.[1]

Powers Edit

He has a disintegration power that is described as looking like a cabbage made of stone in the palm of his hand. When he and Marquis are confronting Khepri, fresh from her apotheosis. Spruce says that he used to have more accuracy and control than he does currently and does not trust himself to use his power.[2]



One does not get sent to the birdcage by being nice

Story StartEdit

He is one of Marquis' lieutenants in the Birdcage.[3]

Gold Morning Edit

Was released with the other prisoners at the start.[4]

References Edit

  1. For another man, the combination of physical traits and the style of dress might have led to someone mistaking them for a woman. They might have come across as effeminate. - Excerpt from Cockroaches 28.3
  2. “Spruce? Can you use your power? Not too much. Enough she can break free before too long?”

    The tidy man shook his head. He turned his hand over, and a little sphere swirled in it, looking like a cabbage made of stone. He closed his hand, and it winked out of existence. “Ten years ago? Sure. Right now? I don’t trust my accuracy. I’d be worried about the structure of the cave if my power touched anything to either side or behind her.”

    Marquis nodded. “Go look after the others, then. Be ready to shut the door the moment I’m through.”

    Spruce turned to leave, ushering Doormaker and the clairvoyant out.- Excerpt from Speck 30.1 Cockroaches 28.3
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