Spruce is a supervillian and a resident of the Birdcage.


He is described as being dressed immaculately, more neat than even The Number Man.[1]


Spruce has a disintegration power[2] that is described as looking like a 'cabbage made of stone in the palm of his hand. His facility with his power has decreased since his incarceration.[3]

He once had much better accuracy and control with his power than he demonstrated. Given that Marquis trusted Spruce to cause a controlled collapse of the cave that was meant to contain Khepri[3]



One does not get sent to the birdcage by being nice.

Story StartEdit

He is one of Marquis' lieutenants in the Birdcage.[4]

Gold MorningEdit

Was released with the other prisoners at the start.[5]

When he, Marquis, and others confront Khepri, fresh from her apotheosis, Spruce says that he used to have more accuracy and control than he does currently and does not trust himself to use his power.[3] Thus Marquis has to step in and try to contain the nascent godling, giving her a chance to break out.


  • Spruce's name works on multiple levels as a synonym for cleaning up a place, spruce up a place. As well as the spruce tree given the cabbage or pine cone form his power takes.

References Edit

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