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Anomaly is a member of the Chicago Protectorate.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Anomaly has the ability to create beachball-sized black spheres. He can use these spheres to light his way in the dark and draw people towards them.

Bearach Edit

Bearach is a member of the Chicago Wards.

History Edit

Following Leviathan's attack on Brockton Bay, Bearach put in for vacation. Tecton said that he thought that Bearach was feeling the pressure and that he thought Bearach hoped to have a good excuse to miss the next Endbringer fight. Tecton said that he told him that he wasn't forced to come on the missions, but that Bearach felt compelled to defend others.

Beast of Burden Edit

Beast of Burden is a villain in Ward.

Bitter Pill Edit

Bitter Pill is a villain in Ward.

Blesk Edit

Is a yellow skinned member of The Irregulars

History Edit

Recruited into irregulars and became a mutineer to attack one of the author of all his woes.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Can teleport, possibly among other things.[2]


  1. “Brick took the guy Blesk brained against the wall, um. It was the clairvoyant, the doormaker, hurt, the Doctor. Brickhaus, Magnaat, Munstro, they made it inside. The others got shot down in the stairwell. Um. There was a guy with glasses, and five teenagers who looked a lot like him, only without glasses. Ordinary looking, pretty much. Alexandria…” - Excerpt from Venom 29.6
  2. There was a tearing sound, a wet crack.

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Carnal is a supervillian.


Carnal thought that he had a place on the Slaughterhouse Nine and approached them, only to fail their tests. He and Prophet were then made into an amalgamated cape by Bonesaw.[1]


Carnal is described as a durable healer, whose healing factor accelerates by bathing in blood.[1]

Challenger Edit

Challenger is one of the local heroes of Brockton Bay mentioned by Lung. As they are talked about as single team and all other mentioned heroes are members, it can be assumed they are or were a part of the Protectorate.[2]

They either left the Protectorate or were sent to another PRT Deprartment.

Cleat Edit

Is a lowly cape with impressive spikes armor that shmused around in Cape fighting rings.[3] Was not considered especially intelligent.[4]

Crested Edit

Crested is a villain in Ward.


Egesa is a Case 53.


[Coming Soon]


Egesa is a Case 53. He is described as a man with a neck three times the usual length and a gnarled hump on his back that is plated with armor. His arms split in two at the elbow, with one set hands and one set of limbs that ended with built-in scythes.[5]

Fathom Edit

An Indian parahuman who could displace things into and out of a dimension filled with water. His name was translated from Punjabi by Kismet. Appeared in Crushed 24.3 alongside Kismet and Particulate, wandered off somewhere.


Etna is a villain from Ward.


  • Mount Etna springs to mind


Garnett is a member of the Chicago Wards. Their power is unknown. Mentioned in Scourge 19.3.

Glyph‏‎ Edit

Abilities and PowersEdit

Mentioned as one of the Guild front line combatants, along with Dragon, Defiant, Narwhal and Dragon's Teeth.[6]


Participated in the fight against the Slaughterhouse 9000.

Trivia Edit

  • The Author created a non-canon character Eulogy that fought using words,[7] this is not the same character despite fandom speculation.

Genoscythe‏‎ Edit

A sexual predator whose proclivities necessitate the phrase "Contact lens condoms".

Abilities and PowersEdit

He could transform is arms into razor-sharp limbs evocative of his moniker.[8][9]


Gold Morning Edit

Did not survive the four day event.[10]

Trivia Edit

  • Much like Mlekk and Blue Bomber, Genosycthe is of semi canonical status as he specifically is a joke character created by Psychogecko that took off among the community, to the chagrin of Wildbow.[11]

Gwerrus Edit

Gwerrus is a Case 53.


After the Simurgh used Professor Haywire's technology to open a portal to one of Cauldron's bases, Gwerrus escaped. She eventually made it to a restaurant. Sometime later, she picked up and held shoved Egesa towards Matryoshka.

Matryoshka told her that she could not take Egesa or she would lose herself. Gwerrus slammed a hand onto a counter and demolished it, surprising herself. She told Matryoshka that there were many guards, fences and transportation. Matryoshka corrected her, telling her that they were called trucks, before Gwerrus told her that people would be hunting her. She then went on to tell her that they would use her to escape before asking her to fold them into her.

When a rumble shook the city, Gwerrus translated for Egesa and told Matryoshka to do it now. When Matryoshka said she had gotten that, Gwerrus said that was clever and then told her to use her clever mind to think. Matryoshka then reached out, bent and folded into the woman that Gwerrus had thrown to the ground.

Gwerrus asked Matryoshka how long it would take to digest the people she used her power on. Matryoshka told her it might take two or three hours before she clarified herself and said that she couldn't really remember. Gwerrus told her to fold into her, Egesa and then their captives.

Matryoshka told her that she would digest her if the escape took more than two hours and Gwerrus said that she was a solider and hard to eat. She kneeled and Matryoshka began to fold her into herself. Sometime into the process, Matryoshka was attacked by Krouse and forced to unwind from Gwerrus.

Gwerrus told him that he was brave but stupid before telling Matryoshka that they needed him and for her to fold him. When Matryoshka told her that she would need more people, as she would digest the women she had folded soon, Gwerrus said that they would get more. Egesa kicked him and Matryoshka told her not to hurt him before Gwerrus told her that they were enemies and that they hunted them.

Later, Gwerrus advanced on Marrisa. She turned on Krouse after he had dealt with Egesa and told him that he was a stupid brave boy. She followed him out of the restaurant and through the snow until she managed to catch him: grabbing him by the seat of the pants and the back of his coat. He stabbed her hand with his knife only for her power to reflect the damage onto him. She called him a stupid boy.

Myrddin used his power to rescue Krouse before Gwerrus, seeing him and the others with him, backed away. They talked about her power before the armored man approached her. She told him that she was stronger than him before asking him why they hunted people like her. He slammed his halberd into the ground and smoke billowed out around him before firing a nonlethal bullet at her.

Gwerrus fell to one knee, pressing her hand against her chest, before the armored man set her on fire. She soon burned to death.[12]


Gwerrus is a Case 53. She is described as being seven feet tall and heavy in a way that met some middle ground between muscular and far. Her skin is thick and her features are blunt: she has a porcine nose and cauliflower ears, her fingers are stubby and her lips curled away from her teeth.

She wore a gray prisoner uniform with the word "GWERRUS" printed across her shoulders.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Gwerrus has enhanced strength and a protective ability that allows her to reflect damage back onto her attacker. Armsmaster theorized that she either needed to see the person attacking her or that there needed to be some correlation between the person and the damage done.

Hiemal/Jotun II Edit

Jotun II is the second Jotun to be named.[13] Hiemal is a possible alternate name.[14]


Jotun was a local cape in Anchorage.[15]

Tried to take over Anchorage, Alaska in an attempt to emulate the situation in Brockton Bay. Failed but killed several people.[14] He was last seen in the nearby town of Fairbanks. His exploits fast tracked the creation of the Anchorage department.[15]

Heith AndersEdit

Heith Anders is the wife of Max Anders, mother of Theo Anders and cousin of, and guardian to, Jessica Biermann and Nessa Biermann. Was killed in a Skirmish with The Teeth when they were originally in Brockton Bay[16]

Heith is described as a "size changer protected by a personal distortion field",[17] somewhat like her two charges.

Hookline Edit

Hookline is a villain in Ward.

Iron Rain Edit

Iron Rain is the daughter of Richard Anders, sister to Max Anders, sister-in-law to Heith Anders and Kayden Anders, and aunt of Theo Anders and Aster Anders.

Personality Edit

Described as inheriting her father's savagery. Described as a "rallying point for the Empire's more brutish racists", and actually believing in the ideology of E88 in contrast to her brother who only used it to gain power.[18]


Iron Rain was capable of materializing ferrous metal objects in midair in the shape of spears, blades, and weights.[19] These form at higher or lower altitudes, with their flight controlled using minor ferrokinesis which she used to aim them, sometimes sacrificing accuracy for penetrating power.

Had the ability to 'charge' her power, manifesting a larger number of ferrous objects.[18]


Murdered before the start of the story, though her murderer's identity is not confirmed. Marquis confessed to Iron Rain's murder, though he seems to have been covering for someone else.[16] He may have confessed this to get a message to his daughter, Panacea. While Dragon's records indicate that Marquis is officially her killer, Jack Slash of the Slaughterhouse Nine is skeptical of the claim.

Jamestowner Edit

Abilities and Powers Edit

Jamestowner is a tinker.[20] He is described as a radiation blaster that can focus effects to turn individuals into mutants that were docile toward him, but driven by cannibalistic hunger and the fear of being irradiated further.[21]

History Edit

When talking to the other Undersiders about her two theories regarding Echidna, Tattletale mentioned that Jamestowner alongside other megalomatic Tinkers that might have tried something but that their powers didn't fit the scenario well.[20]


A tinker who worked for the Yàngbǎn, creating simulations for them to practice in, among other technology. Their powers were considered too valuable to share among the group.[22]


Jotun was a parahuman who participated in the Leviathan fight.


Alongside Alabaster and Dauntless, he was thrown into the center of a time-distortion bubble by Leviathan, where he was caught, unable to make his exit fast enough to avoid being frozen in time.[23]

Kazikli BeyEdit

Kazikli Bey is a parahuman.


Kazikli Bey wears a red helmet and red gauntlets.[24]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Kazikli Bey is an aerokinetic that is capable of forming whirlwinds and slicing people with air compressed into razorlike ribbons.[24]


His name comes from the name given to Vlad the Impaler, an important inspirational figure in the myth of Dracula, by his enemies the Ottoman Turks. It means "Impaler Prince."

Kismet Edit

A "balance thinker". Killed by the Thanda in Crushed 24.3. He wore a white robe with a hard, faceless mask that had only slits for the eyes.

Kitchen Sink Edit

Kitchen Sink is a villain from Ward.

Knot Edit

Knot -- also known as Prisoner 603 and Prisoner 604 -- was a parahuman that had been sentenced to the Birdcage.

Personality Edit

According to Dragon, Knot has a cognitive impairment and a childlike mentality.

History Edit

In Interlude 10.5, when Dragon was checking on the last month's addition to the Birdcage, she learned that Knot had fallen into the role of heavy hitter and enforcer for Prisoner 390 despite their cognitive impairment.

Kudzu Edit

A self-duplicating Master.[25] Possibly a member of the New York Protectorate.

Appearance & Personality Edit

An Asian woman, she was an extremely skilled fighter,[26] who was psychologically incapable of exploiting it to its limits.[27]

History Edit

She was apparently known to Jouster.[28] Participated in the Echidna fight and was captured and cloned by Echidna.[26]

It is unknown if she survived the event.


  • Cannot replicate others, this ability was showcased by a warped instance created by an S-Class threat.[29]

Lizard Prince Edit

Lizard Prince -- also known as Prisoner 602 -- was a parahuman that had been sentenced to the Birdcage.

History Edit

In Interlude 10.5, when Dragon was checking on the last month's addition to the Birdcage, she learned that Lizard Prince had died. She contacted the PRT with the news and notified his victims.

Murderbeam Edit

Murderbeam -- also known as 605 -- was a parahuman that had been sentenced to the Birdcage.

History Edit

In Interlude 10.5, when Dragon was checking on the last month's addition to the Birdcage, she learned that while Murderbeam was feared outside of the prison the residents inside the prison did not. She believed that he would not survive the week and the thought disappointed her because she hoped that Prisoner 550 would reach out and support him.

Nailbiter Edit

Nailbiter is a villain in Ward.

Null Edit

The first member of the Yàngbǎn. His power made the Yàngbǎn possible, and he was one of the few members whose powers were not shared among the group. [30] He was capable of rescinding the powers of Yàngbǎn members, but they needed to contact him to do so. [31]

One Edit

Is the "brainwashing-capable thinker"[32] of the Yàngbǎn. Responsible from maintaining the cohesiveness of the Chinese military team and of the CUI society.[33]


An Indian "dust tinker". His name was translated from Punjabi by Kismet. Hated Phir Se.

Appearance & EquipmentEdit

Particulate carried a scanning device and a gun that reduced things to dust. The gun was ineffective on Behemoth and could only fire three shots, but it carved a tunnel three feet wide and he was able to modify it into a one-time detonation after its battery ran out.

Bald, narrow head, wore goggles and a face mask that clung to him, outlining every detail of his face and mouth. Appeared in Crushed 24.3 and Crushed 24.4.


Prolapse is a parahuman who was collected by Glaistig Uaine who named him 'tortures son'.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He is described as having biokinetic durability and size as well as the ability to turn individuals inside out with a touch.[34]

Prophet Edit

A regenerator who believed he was Jesus. Combined with Carnal by Bonesaw to create the centaur-like Pagoda.[1]


Ramrod is a parahuman criminal.


Dragon described him as "a very laid back and unruffable individual" and "a calming influence" based on his psych reports.[35]

History Edit

Ramrod was a criminal with a partner named Fleece. He was tracked down by police and arrested for murder with intent by the heroes. After year-long legal proceedings, both villains were both sentenced to the Birdcage, but they were broken out by Madcap before they could arrive there. The incident drove Battery to become a hero.[36]

At some point he was recaptured. He was imprisoned in the Birdcage as prisoner 606 and was placed in Cell Block X, where he became a member of the block's inner circle.[35]

Reynard Edit

Reynard was a member of the Boston Wards who wore a fox mask. His only appearance was meeting with some kids in a park in Drone 23.4 along with some other Wards, at a community outreach event Weaver attended.

Sifara Edit

Sifara is a chief member of the Thanda, of the same faction as Phir Sē. He attended the meetings at Cauldron.[37]

Abilities and Powers Edit

Sifara is a type of telekinetic, with the power to maintain spatial relationships, he was able to use this to counter Khonsu.[24] His power requires him to have a strong reference with what he was working with. Preferably through touch for a strong connection but, failing that, eyesight could be useful, even if eye sight was limited.[38]

Squint Edit

Squint is a Cape first mentionned in Glow-worm P.1 by Point_Me_@_The_Sky.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

His powers and abilities consist of seeing contraband and, possibly, other hazards.

Stardust Edit

Stardust was a member of the Chicago Protectorate.

History Edit

Stardust graduated from the Chicago Wards to the Chicago Protectorate three years before and died one year before Weaver became a part of the Chicago Wards.


Stinger is a supervillain operating in California.[39]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Stinger is a Tinker specializing in propulsion, mainly jetpacks and missiles.[40]

History Edit

When choosing a name for Skitter, the Brockton Bay Wards considered the name Stinger before discovering that the name had already been claimed.[39]

At some point, some of Stinger's technology was confiscated by the heroes. The design was repurposed by Dragon and Defiant to create a flight pack for Weaver.[41]

Subject 3016Edit

Subject 3016 is a Case 53.


Subject 3016 has a shaggy beard and long, greasy hair. He mutated after drinking a Cauldron vial, with featureless gray planes in the area between his pelvis and his right foot, an area of his stomach, around an eye, and his left arm.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Subject 3016 is capable of manifesting the missing parts of his body from various dimensions, resulting in more powerful attacks.

In his battle with the Number Man, Subject 3016 obliterated concrete and steel with a single attack, as if he had leveraged every possible version of himself that was in the basement and drawing them together into one coordinated strike.


He stated that he had a wife and children.

Subject 3016 was "collected" from his world by Cauldron agents, forced to drink a Cauldron vial, and contained on the fourth floor of the Cauldron headquarters.

When he attempted to escape in conjunction with subject 2990, the Number Man was alerted and stopped him.[42]

Two Edit

Two was one of the Yàngbǎn's most valuable members. Her ability to magnify the powers of parahumans in close proximity - the "second path" - allowed them to magnify each others' powers when shared among them, in a feedback loop of self-reinforcement.[43]

Vornehm Edit

Vornehm (German for "genteel") is the leader of the German team The Meisters by the time of Gold Morning.[44]

Trivia Edit

  • 'Vornehm' is an adjective which on its own is not a typical naming choice in German.

Whimper Edit

Whimper is a parahuman that was sentenced to the Birdcage.

History Edit

Wimper was sentenced to the Birdcage where he was then assigned to Block W under Marquis. He oversaw an auction between inmates over items in the supply drop. He showed Marquis three books.

References Edit

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