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Starlet is a child supervillian working alongside Bambina and August Prince.

Personality Edit

Finds Bambina very funny.

Appearance Edit

Starlet is described as a girl of about twelve, whose constume consists of overalls that end at the knee, a star at the chest, and far too much makeup.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Starlet's power allows her to fire explosive darts of light.

History Edit


Has a connection with child acting like her compatriots Bambina and August Prince

Had faced an Endbringer before.

Story StartEdit

Formed a partnership with August Prince and Bambina but did not accompany Bambina against Leviathan.

Made Parian extremely uncomfortable.[2]


Was part of the Trio that tried to free Pretender. [1]

as a result she and her entire team were taken into the Protectorates custody, with hopes that she and the August Prince could be incorporated into the Wards.[3]


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