Sting is an arc from the Worm series. It is preceded by Scarab and followed by Extinction.


With over 200 Slaughterhouse Nine clones at his disposal, Jack Slash creates a trail of deadly scenarios across America while continually baiting Theo to try and kill him. Still concerned about Jack sparking the end of the world, Weaver and the Protectorate launch a measured response, enlisting as many heroes, villains and other allies as possible. All while prioritizing a quarantine between Jack and anyone with the power to create the outcome Dinah warns of.

The Slaughterhouse '9000' carry out a rampage across the United States and probably North America.

Scion is trapped within gray boys bubbles and recalls his life. One impossible even by Parahuman standards. Listening to Jack's words he comes to a decision and blasts England off of the map.

The heroes efforts have been useless.