Sting 26.4
Date posted July 27, 2013
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Sting 26.4 is the fifth chapter of the Sting arc. In which a queen comes to talk with a king, tells the king to ignore a squire only to be ignored themselves. Engages in regicide to stave off genocide.


Weaver arrives at Ellisburg, Dragon is silent. She is escorted to Nilbog's table where she meets Jack and Bonesaw for the first time in over two years. Identifying herself as Nilbog's equal Weaver offers a gift of bug protein to feed Nilbog's creations. Once this is accepted she joins the already in progress discussion though Jack keeps the upper hand he had from arriving first. Weaver is told that there will be no breaching of the peace, no open attacks against each other, while in his presence. Using the bugs brought in earlier she begins searching for the Siberian's creator, hampered by the creatures feasting on them. Weaver discovers the true Nilbog under the ground onnected to the false puppet thing holding court above.

Golem joins them claiming to speak for the innocents, seeing the conversation going downhill. Taylor plays her last card saying that an impostor has been secreted among his creatures.

Jack is able to play the situation to his advantage anyway and gets Nilbog to let the Siberian collect the impostor, Golem intervenes and Nilbog interprets this as a breach of the peace. Desperate for time Weaver starts suffocating the real Nilbog and blames Jack to get the monsters to attack the Slaughterhouse Nine. Jack temporarily silences Weaver with a cut to the sternum that does not breach her costume but does knock the wind out of her. Golem rescues the heroine and acts as her mouthpiece while she relays the information to him. The Siberian retrieves the true Nilbog and the Trio of killers escape using their stolen tinker technology. And the two heroes are left to deal with the rioting residents of Ellisburg.


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