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Date posted July 30, 2013
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Sting 26.5 is the sixth chapter of Sting. The heroes unite to contain Ellisburg, the Wards and Undersiders swap places. A building crushes the Siberians, and Chevalier executes a Snowmann. The group preps to take the fight to Jack.


The heroes escape the monsters of Ellisburg, although fighting continues on the walls to hold them back.

Weaver and Tattletale coordinate the heroes - in Redfield, the Undersiders and the Brockton Bay Wards battle Skinslips, Hatchet Faces, Miasmas and Murder Rats. They're ambushed by a Hatchet Face who drops down into their midst, nullifying their powers, but manage to kill him and several other attackers.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Wards encounter eight Siberian clones carrying their associated William Manton clones in a huge box. Weaver has them retreat and head to Redfield, abandoning the civilians. The teams at Redfield are pulled back and sent to battle the Siberians.

Back outside Ellisburg, Defiant informs Weaver that the Nine opened a portal to their pocket dimension inside Ellisburg - a portal the heroes can re-open in they go back in.

Another group - the Dragon's Teeth, New York and Texas teams, including Jouster - is deployed to Hyde Park, where they face Nyxs, Psychosomas and Night Hags. They're rescued by Contessa and Number Man.

The Undersiders and Wards wait until the Siberians venture away from their cube, leaving only one to guard it. Then Clockblocker causes that Siberian to collide with frozen thread, popping it. Before the other Siberians can return, he hides the others under a frozen tent while the Thanda drop a building from the stratosphere, completely destroying it.

Guided by Weaver, the Chicago Wards defeat the villains at Redfield, who are reinforced by Snowmann. Chevalier and Revel arrive to help them. Together, they're able to defeat the assembled villains.

Weaver assembles a team to go into the city.


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