Stormtiger is a member of Empire Eighty-Eight. After Kaiser's death and the Empire splintering, he joins Hookwolf's "Fenrir's Chosen".


For his costume, Stormtiger only wears loose-fitting pants, accented with chains and a white tiger mask.[1]

At one point, his leg was injured and ended up healing incorrectly.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

An aerokinetic, Stormtiger has developed several unique applications for his abilities. One technique involves drawing sounds and smells to himself, effectively enhancing his senses. Another is condensing air into hard ‘claws’ that he can use for CQC or launch them off as projectiles,[3] he can then release them in explosive blasts.[1] The more time he has to draw air into the claws, the larger the resulting explosion.[4][2]

He could also deflect projectiles through his manipulation of air currents.[5] This essentially rendered him bullet-proof.[4]

He could also use his aerokinesis to achieve limited flight, essentially floating in place.[6]



Stormtiger knew Hookwolf back when they were both un-powered pit fighters and then parahuman pit fighters.[7]

Story StartEdit

Staged ambush on the police barricade during the rampage caused by the E88 [[Collapse of the Empire Eighty-Eight |identities being revealed]].[8]

Toyed with Skitter and Grue before being blinded and needing to escape.[4]


Was able to interfere with Shatterbird's powers when she came to tell Hookwolf of his nomination.[2]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Would later interfere with Accord.


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