Stormtiger is a member of Empire Eighty-Eight. After the Empire's splintering, he joins Hookwolf's "Fenrir's Chosen".


For his costume, Stormtiger only wears loose-fitting pants, accented with chains and a white tiger mask.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

An aerokinetic, Stormtiger has developed several unique applications for his abilities. One technique involves drawing sounds and smells to himself, effectively enhancing his senses.[2][1]

Another is condensing air into hard ‘claws’ that he can use for CQC or launch them off as projectiles, he can then release them in explosive blasts.[1] The more time he has to draw air into the claws, the larger the resulting explosion.[3][4]

He could also deflect projectiles through his manipulation of air currents.[5]This essentially rendered him bullet-proof.[3]

He could also use his aerokinesis to achieve limited flight, essentially floating in place.[6]


At one point, his leg was injured and ended up healing incorrectly, requiring a cast.[4]



Stormtiger knew Hookwolf back when they were both un-powered pit fighters and then parahuman pit fighters.[7]

Story StartEdit

Staged ambush on the police barricade during the rampage caused by the E88 [[Collapse of the Empire Eighty-Eight |identities being revealed]].[8]

Toyed with Skitter and Grue before being blinded and needing to escape.[3]


Was able to interfere with Shatterbird's powers when she came to tell Hookwolf of his nomination.[4]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Would later interfere with Accord as part of Menja new mobile Chosen.

Trivia Edit

  • During World War II the Nazis fielded a heavy tank series called a Sturmpanzer. Sturmpanzer when translated from German is Stormtiger.


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