String Theory is a supervillian imprisoned in the Birdcage.


String Theory is a short, slouching with a petite build, her dark hair tied back into a braid, and her lips pulled back into a wide expression halfway between a grin and a smile. She wears glasses.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

String Theory is a Tinker.[1]

Her creations were single-use, and her best work was on a timer.[2][3]

She claimed to be able to work extremely rapidly as a result of having had four years to design new technology in her head while imprisoned. As a result, she was able to complete the G-Driver in under forty-seven minutes.[2]

G-Driver Edit

The only one of her creations described in the story, the G-Driver was a weapon designed for combating Scion. The name stood for "God-driver", as well as indicating that it was an upgrade of the earlier F-driver.

The G-driver was operated remotely from a laptop during the oil-rig battle. It fired through one of Doormaker's portals, and targeting was further refined from the laptop using coordinates provided by Number Man. The firing time could not be changed, and was set down to the second.

In operation, the G-driver was distinctly underwhelming: it resembled a bug zapper more than a shot from a gun. There was a faint distortion in the air, and Scion rocketed upward, leaving a golden trail that suggested he'd been blown straight out of the atmosphere.[2]



String Theory auctioned off "safeties" to people who would be guaranteed not to be one of her random "targets". Targeted places ranging from gas stations in Indonesia to a filled football stadium in Cardiff.[1] At the time of her incarceration, she was threatening to knock the moon out of orbit, this was not disclosed to the public.[2]

At some point in 2009,[2] she was incarcerated in the Birdcage. She became a cellblock leader.[4]

Golden MorningEdit

Released to fight Scion. Participated in the oil-rig battle, where she was the only one to successfully inconvenience him. Died when Scion attacked the rig.[1][2]

References Edit


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