Supreme Earth is an alternate reality in close parallel with Earth Aleph and Earth Bet, and the setting for an early draft of Worm.[1]

History Edit

Supreme Earth was an alternate reality that featured villains operating like terrorist cells, destabilizing society to make people dependent on superhumans to get energy, food and safety. Basically put, a world with superhumans that had no superheroes. Takeover on a global level, with non-superhumans as second class citizens.[1]

At some point after Goddess' takeover, Professor Haywire discovered Supreme Earth, naming it "Earth Shin" or "Earth S". The PRT is aware of its existence, and the potential threat represented by Goddess' mind control is one of the reasons they are now extremely cautious of contact with other Earths. Its existence is heavily classified within the PRT and government.[2]

During Golden Morning, Khepri breached this Earth and defeated its occupants, seizing control.[3] The fate of the occupants afterwards is unclear.

Inhabitants Edit

  • Goddess
  • Ramrod (possibly known under a different alias) had a personality similar to Taylor, willing to make 'bad' decisions if there were 'good' justifications. For Ramrod this entailed keeping her family safe. She ascended the ranks of Goddess organization and struggled while finding out Goddess secrets.[1]
  • Unnamed cape, who had a power not unlike Gavel’s.[4]


  • In early drafts of Worm, the question of how Goddess controlled the superhumans so effectively and totally was a central mystery as the protagonist (Ramrod) ascended through the ranks. Wildbow has stated that he still considers the story canon.[1]

References Edit

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