Tōng Líng Tǎ (通灵塔), also known as Ziggurat, is a Yàngbǎn cape.

Appearance & EquipmentEdit

Ziggurat is described as a thin Chinese woman, wearing black robes and heavily adorned with makeup.[3] Allegedly she never appears in public.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Sent out terrain altering pulses that shaped it to her design. Within her scope raise new buildings, restructure existing ones[4] including the direct control of the features of the building,[5] or raze structures entirely. This allows her to maintain and clean specific CUI prisons with out risking guards dealing with the occupants.[6]

Though she was considered to be too slow to use in a fast moving battle situation,[2] still she was able to trap Lung. During the End of the World she created an entire palace for the CUI's ruling elite.[1]



Active in China in the early 2000s. There she was able to trap Lung, ensuring that he could not escape when he broke out of the prison he had been contained in.[6]

Was employed to capture Lung, and maintained his Mountain Prison.[6]

Story StartEdit

Despite this earlier action she was considered a high value asset, and was not risked overseas operations by the Yàngbǎn.[2]

Gold MorningEdit

Created a new palace for the Chinese Royal Family on a world the CUI had seized from other countries.[1] She presumably survived the event.


  • This cape shares their name with an early draft of Worm.
  • Since Chinese is prone to use compound words/sentences extensively instead of loaning words, it is tricky to produce literal translations, so Tōng Líng Tǎ would approximate to "the tower to communicate with the spirits".[Note 1] For comparison, Jīn zì xíng shén tǎ (金字形神塔), which would be a more specific and formal term for Ziggurat, would approximate to "The golden god tower", where "golden" (Jīn zì) could be splintered further into "gold symbol"[Note 2] and "god" (xíng shén) is more of "avatar, embodiment of spirit".[Note 3]
  • Though some readers believe that she is one of the first Cauldron test subjects along with Doormaker, Eidolon and Hero, with her being the one who made and regularly cleans,[7] the Cauldron Compound, this remains unconfirmed.[8]


  1. Information source, notice the ouija comparison.
  2. With all connotations of wealth and nobility, so Jīn zì tǎ by itself would mean "pyramid", while Jīn tǎ would be literal golden stupa.
  3. Wildbow seems to have "goofed" here with neologism/google translate and formal term would be more thematically relevant. Additionally, is a loan word itself, which is mildly entertaining. Given that Yàngbǎn are a group of assimilated international capes this may make some sense.


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    The longer I looked, the less it seemed like a hospital, and the less real it seemed. It was more like someone had taken sections of a hospital, removing everything like the nurse’s stations and the rooms for the patients, leaving only the hallways and doors that sat flush against the floor, airtight. I would have thought it was all staged, but a check with my bugs confirmed that there was a minimum of dust even in places people wouldn’t be able to see.

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    She asked her power, and she got her answer.

    He could make doors.


    It’s a step forward, she told herself.

    A step forward, in a long series of steps.

    She rejoined the others.

    The Doctor was touching a block of stone that had risen from the floor. “-a complex, for our labs and research.”

    “Most definitely,” a woman answered her. “If you can do this for more people, I’d forget about the limit on how long I have to work.”

    The Doctor allowed herself a smile. Her eyes met Contessa’s.

    One step forward.

    “You’re heroes, as far as I’m concerned,” the blond man said. - Excerpt from Interlude 29