The Events Leading Up To That Thursday, also known as TELUTT, was one of the recurring titles for what would become Worm. TELUTT had roughly four concrete versions.

'The events leading up to that Thursday' is one of the recurring titles for drafts of Worm. They usually featured rotating viewpoints between Faultline, the Triumvirate and Guts & Glory, It was an attempt by the author to incorporate every character then created into up to that point in one overarching story. As well as finding sympathetic characters as protagonists and using comparativly weak powers in new and interesting ways trying to break form standard baseline powers seen throughout superhero fiction [1].


Melanie Fitts AKA Faultline, is a boss beating up Dauntless and Bastion then lecturing easily duped supervillans in proper costuming and preparedness.

Siberian has a physical disagreement with Alexandria.

Introduced Concepts Edit

  • The Birdcage is mentioned,
  • Mary Sue who would become Eidolon
  • Scion and the "Progenitor Theory" that he is the source of all superheroes

Groups Edit

Cauldron-A group of rogues and solo villains try to hold out against recruitment by a much larger cape group. The Elite in this story resembles a cross between the Slaughterhouse Nine, the canon Elite and Cauldron.[2]

Characters Edit

Faultline’s Crew (unnamed) Edit

Protectorate Edit

  • Alexandria (first appearance in drafting process)
  • Legend (first appearence)
  • Exhalt, an early version of Hero filled with doubt

Others Edit

  • Dauntless-Jetpack and spandex wearing newby, the jetpack is mostly for show however.
  • Siberian-A nominally clothed version

Trivia Edit

  • According to the website, "[t]he nature of Faultline’s meeting with her ‘crew’ is essentially what happened in canon."[1]

References Edit

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  2. TELUTTT: Each draft featured rotating viewpoints attempting to incorporate everyone I’d added into the story by that point in one overarching story. First draft focused heavily on Faultline, introduced Scion, Legend, Narwhal, Hero, Alexandria and a major heroine named Mary Sue. Introduced Faultline’s crew, which was composed of Newter, Slug (Gregor), Spitfire and a scandanavian girl with Genesis’ power. Later drafts introduced Endbringers, Dauntless, and Cauldron. - another comment by wildbow on Prey 14.8

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