Tangle is an arc from the Worm series. It is preceded by Hive and followed by Buzz.

Summary Edit

Out of school with her injury, Taylor spends more time hanging out at the team's loft. She visits Brian's apartment and meets his sister, Aisha. She and Brian encounter Sophia Hess. The Undersiders embarrass the heroes of Brockton Bay at a celebration of their victory over the ABB, and learn the identity of their boss, the extent of his organization, and his plans for the city.

Taylor's dad discovers she's been lying to him about her school attendance, and confronts her, refusing to back down until he knows what's going on. The best thing she can think of is to admit she's an undercover superhero- but faced with the prospect of actually turning the Undersiders in to the Protectorate, she's overcome by her feelings of camaraderie. She leaves her dad without giving him an answer, and resolves to give up on the undercover operation, becoming a real member of the team.

Chapters Edit

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