Tangle 6.1
Date posted December 13, 2011
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Tangle 6.1 is the first chapter of Tangle. The villain alliance wipes up the last of the Azn Bad Boys.


The ABB has been under assault from the combined alliance of heroes,villains.military and police for three days and nights, and is falling apart as a result. An apartment building used by the ABB as a barracks to house their soldiers is attacked by the group of Skitter, Grue, Tattletale, Spitfire and Gregor the Snail. With no powered individuals on site and many soldiers only fighting out of fear, the large group of ABB members are easily defeated and restrained with plastic wrist-cuffs.

With the fight decided, Grue invites Skitter to join him at his apartment tomorrow and help with putting some furniture together in time for an inspection he is having in the afternoon, which she accepts. Spitfire and Gregor orchestrate a controlled burning of the building, and the group disperses, leaving the ABB members for the authorities to collect.

The three Undersiders agree that after tonight the ABB is very close to finished, with Tattletale reiterating on what she had previously told Skitter about capes banding together against anyone who goes too far. She also shares details on the powers of the two Travelers members she worked with on the first night. Trickster is a teleporter who swaps the positions of two objects of similar mass, with distance and time penalties proportionate to the mass difference. Genesis is not a shapshifter, she creates remotely controlled projections. Since Grue had worked with him, Ballistic is also mentioned, his power being to propel a touched object at a speed of "a few hundred feet a second" irrespective of it's size.

Taylor decides to stay over at the loft again for the night, and calls up her dad to tell him. However Danny wants her to return home, since he hasn't seen her since the school meeting and doesn't want to lose touch like they did after her mother's death. Taylor says her plans for the night would be awkard to cancel, but promises to return home for dinner the next night. He hesitantly agrees, but wants to check that she is going to school. Taylor confesses to not having gone on monday to ease her guilt, but lies about having attended the days afterwards as she does not want him to worry.


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