Tangle 6.8
Date posted 7 January 2012
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Tangle 6.8 is the eighth chapter of Tangle. Discussion of further employment with Coil and his ambition to conquer the city.


Following his rescue of his subordinates, Coil bundles the undersider's and Trickster into a limo to discuss things. Following a demonstration of his ability and an outline of his assets Coil reminds everyone there why they are working for him and tells them that they have earned their place in the next phase of his plans.

Do you focuses on skitter as the only one he does not have a sufficient hold over. She tells the arch-villain that she wants the city to be revitalized Coil agrees and explains he is going to do so anyway.

He lets the group off and they part ways. Taylor ruminates on her next step.

Major EventsEdit

  • The Undersiders backer is revealed, Taylor no longer has no reason to stay with the group.


  • Wildbow posed a challenge to anyone who could guess coil's actual ability.[1] No one was able to provide a satisfactory answer.


Coil's OrganizationEdit

The UndersidersEdit

The TravelersEdit


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