Tecton is the leader of the Chicago Wards team.


Everett is a natural leader, but he is just as willing to defer leadership to someone else as he is to take it upon himself. He is understanding and empathetic in nature, which lends to his tendency to mediate conflicts between team members. Above all else, he is fair. He stands for justice, even if it means bending the rules on occasion, although he ultimately trusts his superiors and their reasoning. Everett dislikes being referred to as a "tech geek" and resents the stereotype which accompanies his tinker classification[2].


as Everett Edit

as Tecton Edit

Tecton wears bulky power armor in a glossy rust-brown with brass highlights. It puts him head, shoulders, and chest above Taylor when standing perfectly straight. It has heavy piledriver gauntlets with visible spikes and pistons. His helmet covers his face, but not the back of his head, with a single lens on a telescoping nozzle, dead center[3].

Abilities and PowersEdit

Tecton is a tinker and thinker with the ability to sense architecture and geology. He wears suit of power armor which gives him shaker capabilities; the suit allows him to ‘ground’ kinetic energy, and includes piledriver gauntlets which he uses to create fissures, generate localized earthquakes, and cause other controlled demolition.



Worked with Gully, from the San Diego Wards, in the past. He claims to only be as strong as he is because of the data he got while studying her power. At some point he joined the Chicago Wards and became their leader.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

The Chicago Wards were called in to help fight Echidna during Arc 18 - Queen. They were directed to pair with the Undersiders by Miss Militia. Later, Tecton made the choice to join the Undersiders in abandoning their armbands and defending Eidolon, showing a degree of trust in the villains. During the Echidna battle, Tecton emphasizes organization, trust, and communication between the participating groups.


Tecton fights with Weaver and several others in New York during one of Weaver's field assessments.

He later asks to have Weaver placed on the Chicago Wards team, and defers leadership to her during the Behemoth attack in New Delhi. After having his team gutted, he built his new team with the intent of having a more synergetic power line-up (like the New York 'lancer' teams, etc.), rather than trying to have a wide power spread, like other Wards teams. He thinks they need a "certain kind of leader" to make this work. He knows Skitter pulled it off with the Undersiders, and hopes Weaver can do the same for this team.


Tecton becomes a member of the Protectorate, and tries to convince his long-time teammate to join as well.

Golden MorningEdit

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