The Thanda are a type of cape operating in the Indian sub-continent.

Goals and MethodsEdit

In India, capes are strictly divided not just between Hero and Villain but also between the Garama, the media-savvy, ostentatious, and well-known "hot" capes, and the Thanda, the unacknowledged, unofficial "cold" capes.[1]

Since the Thanda are not a unified team, they do not have an entirely homogeneous set of goals, besides preferring to stay hidden and unacknowledged. However, they are said to have the killer instinct that has allowed India to fight off Endbringer attacks. Defiant describes them as fighting "for real, not for play."[1]

Thanda capes generally take names that can be repeated in general conversation without tipping off an eavesdropper about the nature of the subject.[2]

Known MembersEdit


After New Delhi, a group of Thanda capes emerged as leaders within the 'cold' community. Their logo was a five-by-five grid with each block containing a specific letter.[9]


  • Thanda (ठंडा) is the Hindi word for "cold", pronounced with a hard "t".
  • In Hindi Phir Sē (फिर से) means "once again".
  • In HIndi Sifara (सिफ़र) means "zero".
  • In Hindi Turanta (तुरन्त) means "immediate" or "swift".
  • In HIndi Bahu (बहू) means "daughter in law".


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