The Adepts are a group of self-professed magic users[1] operating in New York.[2]

Modus operandiEdit

The Adepts have practices involve the use of charms (called embellishments),[3] rituals, rites, or chants to acquire a mental state closer to their trigger event and boosting their powers as result.[4] They try to train their people to be more inventive with their powers.[5] They have rules against killing.[6]

While the PRT records described them as a low level threat,[1] the Adepts attempted to recruit Wards and members of the Protectorate, attracting their ire.[2] Tattletale speculated they might be a threat to Brockton Bay at some point.[7]


The Adepts have organized their fifteen members into five different tiers, with tier one being the highest. Lower tiers can challenge higher tiers to compete for placement, but have to pay a penalty if they fail to beat their opponent. Each tier has one more member than the last, with tier one having one member and tier five having five.[8] Members have Roman numerals on their sleeves designating their tier.[9]

The Adepts hold three primary properties in New York, but no territory, preventing conflict with local gangs.[10]

PRT ResponseEdit

Despite their low threat level and only moderate crime rate,[1] the PRT felt action against the Adepts was necessary to preventing them from poaching Wards and members of the Protectorate.[2] They assigned a group of Wards, including Weaver, to attack one of their properties.[10]


Name Description
Epoch Leader. Can rewind, push forward, or pause both himself and other objects within a ten-second window, moving things to where they were ten seconds ago, moves things to where they're slated to be ten seconds from now, or pauses things for up to ten seconds, releasing them at a whim. Possibly encountered Grue at one point. Got his powers from a Cauldron vial.[11]
Felix Swoop Tier 3 member. A Blaster-Master hybrid able to control birds by programming their movements, while also giving them pyrokinesis and protection from flame.[12]
Paddock Female member known to the Protectorate.[13]
Thirteenth Hour Formerly known as Standstill.[14] Can cause her opponents to lose their volition,[15] but this trance can be broken if something jarring happens[16] and using her ability effects herself as well as her opponents.[15]
Unnamed male Capable of causing vertigo and distortion. Uses a rod and hand signs.[17][18]

References Edit

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