An venerable organization still alive in a changed world.

Modus operandiEdit

The Folk is a rare criminal organization that predated capes and still functions in more or less the same fashion as capes replaced them. The Folk are middle men, or professional[1] guarantors that let the criminal economy of Chicago functions well and consistently without the hassle of rivalries getting in the way.[2]


Like many gangs it is made up of human and parahuman members. Topsey and Mockshow are the only dedicated parahuman members with outside mercenaries brought in when extra muscle was needed.[1] More recently they widened the scope of the type of mercenaries they were willing to deal with.[3]

PRT ResponseEdit

The Folk were supposedly a vital part of Chicago as they kept criminal gangs from fighting each other when they could be dealing in profitable business. Sadly Topsy mistook his success in this field for greater ability on his part. When Protectorate heroes interfered with his deals he decided to hire his own middle men to make his displeasure known. These hires overstepped important bounds and made The Folk far less necessary of an evil then they usual.[2]



Unlike many cape groups they were able to evolve with the times of Parahumans working their way into various enterprises criminal and otherwise.[2][4] The group was around in its current format for roughly ten years.[5][2]


Hurt a protectorate member leading to the organization moving against them.

Weaver worked out a plan to deal with them, it succeeded. She was able to convince an allied villain cape group[6] to give them up.

Afterwards they were effectively dissolved.

Parahuman MembersEdit

Watch (hiree)


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    A cover business for a group with affiliations to the Folk,” Revel volunteered.

    “We safe to harass them, or-”

    “No. They have people with powers, and that’s beyond the scope of this manhunt.” - Excerpt from Scarab 25.3



  • The name basically means people and all things relating to people, therefore things like folksong and other such words mean "people" song.