The Four was a villain team from New York[1] during the Boston Games.

Modus operandiEdit

Thry have a flare for artistic terrorism; scorched earth tactics, relying on their resistances against their own bioweapons.[2] They compliment this with stylish dress.[3] Despite this they stopped short when it came to slavery.[4]

This presentation has netted them a noticeable online following.[5]


Groups full operations are unknown.

PRT ResponseEdit

Terrorism is generally not appreciated by the authorities unless it is to topple an opposing government.



Committed some stylish bioterrorism in New York and persumably other places.

Boston GamesEdit

Attended villain meetings,[6] desired a cushy piece of the city.

Story StartEdit

Unknown if they were active four years later.

Gold MorningEdit

Unknown if they were still active at this point.


Name Description
"Gunsmith" Has a strange powered gun-thing.[3]
"Plague woman" Leader?
? ?
? ?


  • Numerology gives numerous meanings to the number Four.


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