The Guild is a Canadian-based superhero team that focuses on international threats. Members of the Guild can also be a part of the Protectorate.[1] Their logo is a spear-pole with a ribbon-like flag flowing from it.[2]

Goals Edit

The Guild acts as an international force enforcing certain standards among the international community, even in areas the Protectorate can't reach. Individual members often pursue their own agendas, which can lead to misconceptions among the public about the Guild's goals. However, there is also a large unpowered staff who work to ensure that the Guild do the maximum amount of good possible, and the Guild is known as a threat for those who might attempt major crimes such as genocide in areas other heroes might not reach.[3]

The Guild has extremely high standards, and requires - and allows - a high degree of autonomy from its members, as well as a certain philosophy.[4]


Name: Status:
Narwhal[5][6] Alive
Black Kaze[7][8] Alive
Defiant[2] Alive
Dragon[9][10] Alive
Glyph[6] Alive
Masamune[6][8] Alive
Poe[citation needed] Unknown
Dragon's Teeth[11][2] Unknown



The Guild was created as a Canadian answer to the Protectorate, but effectively failed due to lengthy response times and a lack of high-powered capes. The initiative was revived at around the time Canada established their own Protectorate divisions, this time with stronger parahumans.[3]

Dragon would join the Guild after it was well established as the force it is today.[citation needed]


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