The Inaugural Wards Team is the unofficial title of the first set of Wards.

Goals and MethodsEdit

The Inaugural Wards Team were created in order to train teenaged heroes without thrusting them into the midst of trouble, as well as a creation of a support network for the younger generation.[1] The team consisted of five boys and five girls.

Known MembersEdit


The Inaugural Wards Team was influenced heavily by Hero, as well as the Triumvirate, indicated by their presence at the creation of the team. Though the Wards were at first intended to learn to fight in a safe environment, they were quickly corrupted by Behemoth's appearance several years later. After heavy casualties among the older heroes, the younger generation became expected to join the battles. It is implied that several members of the Inaugural Wards Team died in Endbringer attacks.

References Edit


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