The Irregulars were a heroic group formed of Case 53s after it was revealed during the battle against Echidna that the Triumvirate were complicit in their creation.[1]

Goals and MethodsEdit

The Irregulars made an alliance with Faultline's Crew upon their formation. Agreeing to share resources and information. Weld proposed that they become pro-bono mercenaries, likely aided by the funding that the Protectorate were giving them.[2]



Cauldron had been releasing Deviation cases for various ends throughout the world. Many were used as villains to prop-up certain heroes so they gained in reputation quicker. As such they gained a reputation for villainy among the public.


Originally made of protectorate capes, many of whom found themselves passed over for promotions and generally discriminated against because of their appearance. They are largely independent but were able to draw upon Protectorate resources.[3] Most of the monstrous capes who had been members of the Protectorate left to join them,[4] although some, such as Hunch, chose to stay.[5]

The Irregulars reached out to C53s across the world, and their numbers swelled.[6]

In the period when new Endbringers appeared following the defeat of Behemoth, their numbers dropped somewhat, although they continued recruiting.[7]


They had risen to enough prominence that Cauldron invited them to meetings.

Gold MorningEdit

The Irregulars fought at the oil-rig battle during Gold Morning as part of the 80 strong contingent. Several of them were killed but many successfully evacuated. They assaulted the Cauldron Compound, which was eventually destroyed by Scion.

They played an important role in ending the event.


Presumably the group is now defunct.


Gentle Giant
various Case 53s


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