The Needlepoints is the informal name for the rogue-leaning-villainous group led by Parian and Foil, one of the offshoots of the Undersiders after Golden Morning.

Goals and MethodsEdit

Although Tattletale described the Needlepoints' activity as "rogue stuff", Parian said she wasn't sure if the descriptor was applicable. The team is mentioned dealing with a gang and participating in villainy like the Undersiders had in Brockton Bay, although with some legitimate business on the side. They source connections and material for Parian's designs from Tattletale and other villainous groups.[1]


  • Parian
  • Foil


Background Edit

Started as a partnership at the beginning

Golden MorningEdit

The Needlepoints were formed and named after Golden Morning. They dealt with a gang based on information from Tattletale's sources, and they met with the Undersiders, Cozen, and Dinah to posthumously toast Taylor.


  • Imp named the Needlepoints because they weren't naming themselves and she wanted them to be spared a "bullshit name like Faultline's Crew."[1]

References Edit

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