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Number Man is a Thinker who perceives the world through numbers and probabilities along with the ability to manipulate those numbers. Major villain groups turn to him for help hiding and manipulating their finances, a job he has performed for them adequately for decades.


In middle age the Number Man is a reserved and logical man, far more rational and calm than any who knew him as "Harbinger" would imagine.

His power reflects his nature, allowing him to take precise and calculated actions in the spur of the moment.

He has noted his distaste for the Harbinger clones. Bonesaw based their personalities according to word of mouth and rumors of his ruthlessness under that are attached to his abandoned alias, rather than acting more in line with his actual personality.


Number Man purposefully dresses as normal as possible. He wears a button-down shirt and thin-rimmed glasses. He is clean-shaven and keeps his blond hair cut short. He considers himself "bland" and appears to be a bookish, middle-aged man.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Number Man's ability makes him "good with numbers" to a ridiculous degree. He uses this ability to understand the world around him to such an extreme depth that he can shrug off a multiple-story drop, set up a controlled demolition on the fly, horizontally wall-run, and predict how someone will act and react inside or outside of battle. His power is also useful for Cauldron and he manages their funds.



Number Man was a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine under King as Harbinger, where he fought alongside Jacob. Harbinger and Jacob would kill King in 1987 opening the way for Jacob to reshape the King's group to his purposes. Harbinger would join Cauldron prior to May 1, 1988.

Golden MorningEdit

During the Irregulars' attack on Cauldron, Number Man and his clones helped protect Doctor Mother. Following her death, he helped set up the demolition that brought Cauldron's headquarters down on Scion.

He became part of Khepri's swarm and helped calculate the likelihood of attacks hitting Scion.[1]

Fanart Gallery Edit


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