The Protectorate is a government-sponsored superhero organization that spans the United States of America and Canada. It works under the Parahuman Response Team (PRT).


The Protectorate was founded by Alexandria, Eidolon, Hero and Legend. After Hero's death, the remaining founders became the leaders of smaller teams based in different cities.[1]

In exchange for government funding and legitimacy, the Protectorate has agreed to follow a special set of laws laid out for capes, to accept bureaucratic oversight and cooperate with local authorities.

The Protectorate would eventually expand to cover Canada as well as the United States of America, with talks of covering Mexico.




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The Triumvirate of Legend, Alexandria and Eidolon formed the core leadership of the Protectorate for most of the story, with Legend being the official leader. In addition to leading several teams, they were the first responders and de facto leaders of every fight against class S threats across the globe.

Due to sensitive information becoming public knowledge during the Echidna attack, all of the members of the Triumvirate retired from the Protectorate. While they still participated in all class S fights following this, they no longer took leadership positions. Legend was eventually replaced by Chevalier.

Regional Protectorate TeamsEdit

Each PRT department has a corresponding Protectorate team. These teams operate out of the local Protectorate Headquarters (PHQ), maintaining regular patrols and responding to reports of villain activity. Known teams include:

Los Angeles




San Diego

San Jose





Known Boston Protectorate capes include Reynard and Hunch, of the Wards. Weld was also from Boston before transferring to Brockton Bay.


The Atlanta team headed by Cinereal.

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas team or Vegas Dark includes team leader Satyrical, Blowout, Nix, Spur, Leonid, Floret, Ravine,[2] and Pretender.



Brockton Bay


The Toronto team includes team leader Narwhal and Grumman.


Strapping Lad, Intrepid, Young Buck and Chronicler are attributed to "the Texas Wards team" by Tecton. They participated in the Battle against Leviathan and Battle against Echidna.[3]

In addition, an unnamed Protectorate tinker from Texas is known to be the source of many of the Protectorate's advanced circuit boards.[4]

Parahumans could request transfer to specific locations,[5] or simply be transferred to a new location. [5][6]

Other membersEdit

Heroes not marked as members of any particular team: Albatross, Chubster, Dogwood, Knight Crimson, Leister, The Lilies, Lockdown, Pinpoint, Scroll, Tomcat.


Main Article: Wards

The Wards are a subdivision of the Protectorate that underage parahumans can join. If they are still in the Wards by the time they are eighteen, Wards can be reassigned to a Protectorate team.


  • Taylor on Triumvirate, a biography about the Triumvirate: "Biographies weren’t my thing, and they were especially not my thing when I was suspicious it was all made up."[7] This was possibly the earliest piece of clever foreshadowing in the series.
  • Members who are cleared for, and attend endbringer fights and other S-Class threats gain a substantial pay raise.[8]
  • The Protectorate and immediately related teams make up 25-50% of the defending side against Endbringers outside of North America.[8]

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