The Red Hand, also known as Red Handed,[1] or the Red Hands[2] is a villainous group[3] allied with the Undersiders.[2]


The Red Hand are a group of professional thieves, preferring to avoid direct confrontation.[3] They wear red gloves as part of their costume.[2]

At first seen as a potential threat by Tattletale,[1] their eventual arrival in Brockton Bay involved some aggression,[4] but this made way for a potential non-aggression pact[5] and eventual alliance.[2] Tattletale trusted them enough to hire them for a job stealing PRT files.[6]


Name Description
Rook Leader. Killed during Scion's rampage.[7]
Cozen Second in command. A young woman wearing a mask around the eyes, with old-fashioned clothes and lace around her breasts. Has a large amount of belts with utility pouches and knives. Wears one red glove and one with knives attached to each fingertip.[8] Can create pocket dimensions that are linked to specific location, storing and retrieving both objects and people. Can move the content from one pocket dimension to another in about 25 feet.[9] Can be used as very slow teleportation, but only operated ideally when she was undistracted and under minimal stress.[10] Dating Grue.[8] Takes over leadership of the group after Rook's death.[7]
Getaway Accompanied Cozen against the Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand.[11] Wears a cowl with a hood that peaked in the front to the center of his mask. Has a costume with straight, clean lines, as if modeled after a car.[11] Can teleport, but only to areas he must set up in advance.[9]
Rifle Accompanied Cozen against the Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand.[11] Dressed like a special ops agent with a complicated night-vision mount.[11] Can turn any projectile in one with obscenely high-range, with enhanced perceptions to match. Uses a mix of lethal and nonlethal ammunition,[9] using a modified gun to fire specialized loads from canisters.[11]

References Edit

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    “To leader?”

    Imp nodded.


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    She met my own gaze with one of her own, a narrow, hard look.

    “Oh. Skit- Taylor, meet Cozen. Second in command to the Red Hand.”

    “Nice to meet you,” I said. They don’t really match.

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    Rifle, by contrast, didn’t look like he wore a costume. He was dressed like a special ops agent, complete with a complicated night-vision mount around his eyes, a number of scopes with lenses glowing in hues ranging from blue to red. Violet scopes were currently fixed over his real eyes. He carried a weapon, a modified gun that wasn’t, as far as I could figure it, an actual rifle. It looked like it was set to fire specialized loads from canisters. - Excerpt from Sting 26.1


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