The Simurgh is an Endbringer.


The Simurgh appears as a fifteen-foot tall woman, waif-thin and unclothed. Her hair is almost as long as she is tall and is, like the rest of her form, platinum-white. She has a variety of asymmetrically and apparently randomly placed feather wings, which appear excessively large compared to her body.[3] Parts of her are described as being hollow, or made from carefully placed wings, which serve as replicas of the absent body part. Her eyes are a solid gray, described by Krouse as seeming cold.  

She wraps her three largest wings around her, nominally to preserve her modesty, although Krouse doubts, after coming close to her, that she has a sense of modesty at all.  

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Simurgh possesses a psychic 'scream' - a type of psychic echolocation that allows her to scan her surroundings while exerting psychic pressure to alter behavior, implant messages, or create compulsions.[4] Her "hibernation" state in orbit serves to allow her to make low-intensity scans of the planet with this sense.[5]

She has precognition, perfect awareness of the immediate future, and the more she sings/scans the further it reaches.[6] [4] She sees the past in a similar manner, and can focus on a single target for faster information, but is blind in the present. Future-viewers obscured possibilities from her sight, as did Eidolon and Scion, and certain other powers. She could see things that were otherwise obscured by looking at people's perceptions of them, or otherwise observing their consequences, as well as by predicting their most likely course.[5] To victims, it is usually perceived as a scream in the back of their minds, constantly changing in pitch and tone.[7] However, she was capable of keeping it inaudible.[8][4]


By DamienDraidecht

She uses these scans to make long-term predictions of behavior and activity (in the order of months and years) to turn human beings into rube-goldberg devices, with whole streams or strings of horrific events occurring in areas she's been active[4]. She can influence machines as well as people.[5][9] Her scan allows her to borrow and copy techniques and mental powers - including Tinker powers - and then telekinetically pull together a macro-scale version of their devices from the surrounding materials[4]. With enough knowledge of a subject, she can evoke memories subconsciously through her posture and actions. By placing a target in a stressful environment, this can be used to cause hallucinations.[5]

The Simurgh is also a powerful telekinetic capable of tossing buildings and flight.[4][10][7] She could strike a hundred targets simultaneously with thrown debris.[11] She could create "decoys" out of debris capable of fooling Scion.[7][12][13][14]Her telekinesis was seemingly Manton-limited,[8] but could still throw capes around by manipulating debris, cape-created material and costumes.[8][7] Like all Endbringers, she is immensely durable and strong.[4]



The Simurgh was the third Endbringer to arrive, appearing just after the turn of the millennium.

The Simurgh first appeared in Lausanne, Switzerland in December 2002[15], and acted benevolent and cooperative while psychically manipulating the people around her. Most residents of the Swiss capital, due to exposure to her mental manipulation, became violent and antagonistic, attempting to kill as many people as they could and disrupt the world's resistance to the Endbringers as much as possible. Switzerland had to be quarantined and most people had to be imprisoned. James Tagg was one of the people involved in that campaign.[16]

She attacked London on August 12th, 2003. It is unknown what the outcome of the fight was.

Responsible for the corruption of Sphere.[17]

She also attacked Madison, Wisconsin, in December 2009. Heroes won,[18] but aftermath necessitated the quarantine of the city. The Travellers were created, which culminated in the near-assassination of Chevalier and Tattletale and the death of Accord, along with the emergence of Echidna and the revelation of Cauldron to the parahuman community.

She also attacked Canberra on February 24th, 2011. Scion no-show.  Legend/Eidolon victory.[19] Aftermath necessitated the construction of a dome around the city.[20]

Quotes Edit

"She seemed human, but fifteen or so feet tall, waif-thin, and unclothed.  Her hair whipped around her, nearly as long as she was tall and platinum-white.  The most shocking part of it all was the wings; she had so many, asymmetrical and illogical in their arrangement, each with pristine white feathers.  The three largest wings folded around her protectively, far too large in proportion to her body, even with her height.  Other wings of varying size fanned out from the joints of others, from the wing tips, and from her spine.  Some seemed to be positioned to give the illusion of modesty, angled around her chest and pelvis." - Migration 17.1

"She turned to one side, and Krouse could make out her face.  Her features were delicate with high cheekbones.  Her eyes were gray from corner to corner.  And cold.  There was nothing he could point to, no particular feature or quality that could help him explain why or how, but seeing her face made it harder to ascribe any kind of human quality to her.  If he’d been thinking she had a sense of modesty before, he didn’t now." - Migration 17.1


  • "Simurgh" is a benevolent, mythical flying creature. It is sometimes equated with other mythological birds such as Arabic Anqā, Persian Homā or Turkic Kerkés, Semrug, Semurg, Samran, and Samruk.
  • "Ziz" is the third creature in what can be called an Abrahamic trinity of beasts. As Leviathan is first among the creatures of the water, and Behemoth is first among the creatures of the land, Ziz is first among the creatures of the air. This serves as a larger clue to the Endbringers' constructed nature that they deliberately tap into these belief structures.

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References Edit

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