Golden Morning

The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand


June 19, 2013



Damage Sustained/Casualties

The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand is the unofficial name of the events that marks the revival of the Slaughterhouse Nine. It takes place over several battles.

Prelude Edit

After several confrontations with the Protectorate and Defiant, the remaining members of the Nine, Jack Slash, Hookwolf and Bonesaw attacked Toybox, obtaining their technology. Now enclosed in their own dimension thanks to Dodge's pocket dimension technology, the Nine were safe from the manhunt.

Using Glace's technology, Jack Slash and Hookwolf placed themselves in stasis, along with ten clones each of the founding members of the Nine, excepting Gray Boy, and nine clones of almost all of the rest. Bonesaw used Blasto's tech and samples to create the clones, but was unable to retrieve a few of the member's DNA. Bonesaw decided to oversee the process, rather than freeze herself, using Cranial's memory altering tech to make sure each clone wasn't a simple blank slate. She spent the next two years simulating trigger events for each member, making sure they were as close as possible to the original in both personalities and quirks.

Two years later, Jack Slash, Hookwolf and the rest of the clones woke up, and, after a brief recovery phase, returned to Earth Bet.

List of Battles Edit

  • The Slaughterhouse Nine Thousand first emerge in Killington, killing or taking hostage the inhabitants of the small town.[1]
  • Several of the Nine's more mental-based capes attack Schenectady.[2]
  • Weaver and others take the fight to the Nine's pocket dimension.
  • From there, they move to the part of Los Angeles hit by Tohu and Bohu's attack. Most of the remaining members of the Nine are there, and they have their final battle.
    • Two more groups were teleported to Houston and New York at the same time.

Aftermath Edit

The remaining Harbinger clones are recruited by Cauldron, while everyone celebrates cautiously. The remaining clones flee. While Jack Slash is trapped, he talks to Scion, causing Gold Morning.


  • There are not actually nine thousand members, the name comes from fans and is mostly used for aesthetics. Quoted as being around 281.[1][3]
    • 10 clones of original members, discluding Jack and Gray Boy = 72
    • 1 Bonesaw, 1 Hookwolf, and 5 hybrid capes. = 7
    • 9 Cherish, 9 Hatchet Face, 9 Miasma, 9 Murder Rats, 9 Mannequin, 9 Siberian, 9 Crawler, 9 Winter, 9 Crimson, 9 Chuckles, 9 Nice Guy, 9 Night Hag, 9 Skinslip, 9 Shatterbirds, 9 Burnscar, 9 Damsel of Distress. 16 sets. = 144
    • Leaving around 47-57 clones, or six sets that don't appear in-story.


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