The Slug was a member of Cauldron.


It is unknown how his deviation affected him as he was rendered mute by it.[1] He essentially acted as a tool for the people who changed him.[2]


The Slug is a limbless, hairless man with a goiter-like mass around his neck.[1][3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Slug is a monstrous cape who can brainwash people.[4] He erased the memories of Case 53s[5] and was a key part of Cauldron's nemesis program.



A deviant created by Cauldron. His emergence and that of others paved the way for Case 53's to be released into the world as amnesiacs.[6]

Gold MorningEdit

The Slug was crucified by a member of the army of monstrous parahumans using chains when Cauldron fell. Taylor and Imp both assumed he was on the verge of death, although neither actually saw him die.[3]


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