The Travelers are a group of itinerant villains who never stay in one place for too long.


Aliase: Name: Status:
Trickster Francis Krouse Deceased
Sundancer Marissa Newland Returned Home
Genesis Jess Returned Home
Ballistic Luke Casseus Returned Home
Oliver Oliver Returned Home
Perdition Cody Unknown
Echidna Noelle Meinhardt Deceased



The Travelers were originally a highschool computer gaming club from Madison, Wisconsin on Earth Aleph. When the Simurgh attacked Madison on Earth Bet, she brought several buildings from Earth Aleph - including the one the Travelers were meeting in. Noelle sustained serious internal injuries which were exacerbated by the lack of medical care. When trying to find help for her, Trickster stumbled across a suitcase containing six vials of superpower-granting formula. Each member of the Travellers took a dose except for Noelle and Oliver who shared half a dose each. They then resolved to become mercenaries in order to finance their search for a way home.

Coming to Brockton Bay Edit

They quickly gained a reputation as traveling villains, due to a need to be mobile to hide Echidna's rampages, and to keep her fed.

Story Start Edit

The travelers make their first appearance at the conference at the bone bar when there is a discussion about what to do about the Azn Bad Boys.

Post-Echidna Edit

Trickster was imprisoned in the Birdcage, while the other surviving members returned through a portal to Earth Aleph.

Perdition eventually showed up during the fight with Behemoth, killing Accord and wounding Chevalier and Tattletale.


  • Cherish stated at one point that all of the other members of the Travelers have hated Trickster and Noelle at some point.
  • Coil theorized that Leviathan attacked Brockton Bay because of Noelle's presence as the Endbringer moved towards his base (where she was incarcerated) until it was forced to retreat.
  • The real reason they do not stay in the same place for a long time is due to the rampages the Noelle's powers force her into.


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