The Trio was Taylor Hebert's nickname for the three girls who tormented her at school.




The trio first became friends while Taylor Hebert was away at summer camp; Sophia rescued Emma Barnes, and indoctrinated her into her worldview that the world consisted of predators and prey. It is unclear how Madison Clements joined the group.

They bullied Taylor incessantly, peaking when they locked her in a locker filled with waste gathered from the girls' bathroom. She was hospitalized.

Story StartEdit

The Trio continued to bully Taylor as she missed increasing amounts of school. She finally broke and identified them as her bullies after punching Emma while mildly concussed. However, they were only suspended for two weeks.


Two of the Trio left Brockton Bay after Leviathan attacked the city.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Sophia was sent to juvenile detention after violating her probation. By the time the other two returned to school, Taylor was no longer attending or afraid of them.


Two members were seen in Immaculata High when Skitter's secret identity was revealed.

Gold MorningEdit

Emma was killed early into Gold Morning after refusing to evacuate.[1][2][3] Sophia was briefly recruited by Weaver. Madison would survive and contacted Victoria Dallon for information about Taylor (revealing that she had ultimately come to regret her role in Taylor's descent into villainy). She is also planning to become a teacher


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