The Undersiders are a supervillian team operating in Brockton Bay.

Goals & MethodsEdit

The Undersiders generally used hit-and-run tactics, although they became more aggressive after Skitter joined the team.

Grue required them all to receive first-aid training.[1]

They received a salary of $2,000 a month from their mysterious benefactor.[2]




The Undersiders were anonymously brought together by Coil through a combination of subtle pressure and bribery, over a year before the story started.[3] He offered them a monthly allowance contingent on them remaining together as a group as well as individual enticements for several members of the group.

Story StartEdit

The Undersiders gained a reputation as robbery and escape specialists, performing technology thefts for their employer and robbing the Ruby Dreams casino, which was controlled by the ABB. They were considered small time.[4]

On one outing they ran into a new bug themed villian who helped them deal with Lung.


With Skitter revealed to be an aspiring hero that had taken it upon herself to infiltrate them the group's confidence was shaken. Tattletale eventually convinced Skitter to return to the group and for them to accept her.

They kidnapped Shadow Stalker and used her in a trojan horse heist of the Protectorate ENE Headquarters. Though their theft wasn't of the most vaulable data, it would still prove very useful. The Undersiders were eventually charged by their benefactor to seize territory control of most of Brockton Bay.

They would prove their mettle against the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

They eventually turned on Coil and seized control of all his assets, but he spited them in death.


The Undersiders assaulted the Protectorate ENE Headquarters again as retaliation for the revelation of Skitter's civilian identity.


The Undersiders were the uncontested rulers of the Brockton Bay underworld for close to two years enjoying access

Gold MorningEdit

Instrumental in ending the debacle.

After the Gold Morning, Bitch, Foil and Parian, and Imp form their own individual groups, referred to by Imp as the Sons of Bitch, the Needlepoints, and the Heartbroken respectively.[5]

Fanart Gallery Edit


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